Team Canada Selection – Tiger Bowls / China Open 2011

This year Canada will be sending 4 young Ontarians to China to participate in the 2011 Tiger Bowls in Hong Kong,  and the China Open in Shenzhen China.  “The Boys”  as referred to by coach Lachlan Tighe at this years High Performance Training Camp,  have been training hard both on the greens at the camp,  and off the greens developing a solid gameplan in preperation for the upcoming events.  The average age of this 4’s team is only 24.5 which begs the question…. Who says Lawnbowls is an old man sport???  The Boys will be taking off for Hong Kong on March 9th of this year giving them a day to get used to the greens, and 13 hour time difference prior to play commencing on March 12.  The team :

Lead: Darryl Fitzgerald (30)

Second: Jake Schuknecht (18)

Vice: Dylan Jacobs (19)

Skip: Greg Wilson (29)

I’ll be doing my best to keep the blog up to date while overseas, but due to China’s censorship laws I doubt any results from the China Open will be available until our return home on March 18th.

Rules and Draw to follow.

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