Pre-delivery… where to begin?

This will be the first of many posts I regurgitate from Coach Lachlan Tighe, who was the coaching consultant of the High Performance Camp for Bowls Canada this past January. As this is the first post with respect to training, I figured the best place to start, is the start. Consistency is the ultimate goal of every bowler, and for consistent results, a consistent delivery is crucial. Now, whether you believe in a pre-delivery (the actions you go through prior to delivering your bowl) or not, you can’t deny that you do go through certain motions before you set your bowl on its path. If you can cut out inconsistency’s in your pre-delivery, your delivery will become much more natural and percentage of successful deliveries will go up. The following is an example, just an example, of a successful pre-delivery very similar to my own.

Pre Delivery Routine

1. Project a line from a chosen bank mark (peg).
2. Visualize the turn of your bowl to the jack.
3. Recall the flight path of your bowl.
4. Take one step onto the mat with your right foot aligned to the middle mat line and your left foot slightly in front of the right. Aim both feet out along the draw line.
5. Use your cloth to rub the bowl and then move it from your left hand to your right hand, checking the bias and making sure the bowl is correctly gripped.
6. Decide on the weight and pendulum height for this delivery.
7. Breathe easily.
8. Execute a slow, easy delivery.
9. Bend your knees to ensure you take your body low and through.
10. Deliver the bowl with the focus of eyes, mind and body on that ‘spot’.
11. Know how many seconds it takes to do your routine.

…know exactly your personal delivery routine, every time!!!

If you are new to the game, I suggest starting here. I’ll bet ya dollars to doughnuts that if you take your pre-delivery seriously you will reap the benefits and pick the game up much more quickly than your peers who haven’t been privy to this post. For those of you who have been playing the game for years and still find that the most consistent thing about your game is your inconsistency, implement this pre-delivery or one similar to it, for every bowl of a 1 hour training session and see what happens.

2 Comments to “Pre-delivery… where to begin?”

  1. Pre-delivery is absolutely crucial. I back this with Greg especially after attending NT camp. my delivery over the years has been basic but effective because i visualize the shot, stay consistent with the mat position, and go through the motions and follow through.
    occasionally i have caught myself rushing the shot and thats because my pre-delivery was not maintained. losing focus happens but you must keep your composure with every bowl if you want to have any chance to maintain a sense of consistency in your skill and routine. do not accomodate your opponent. take as much time as you need on the mat whether its 4 seconds or 12. find a comfort zone cuz if you don’t there will be more erratic bowls than you want and increased frustration because you cant explain why its happening. i will guarantee your skill level will rise if you signify the importance of pre-delivery. props gregorbowls

    • Thanks for the props Mr. Scott! And props to yourself for a great reply! There’s no question in my mind that the biggest issue new and experienced bowlers alike encounter, is inconsistency due to not implementing a pre-delivery routine. Love the point about finding that comfort zone too, I find a deep breath once on the mat helps to zone in on that mental place and calms me down. Best of luck to you in the coming season, and keep those comments coming!


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