Tiger Bowls Team

Team Canada – Tiger Bowls / China Open 2011

“The Boys” from Left to Right, Greg Wilson(skip), Dylan Jacobs(Vice skip), Jake Schuknecht(Second) and Darryl Fitzgerald(Lead) were at the MLS Sportsplex  in Scarborough, Ontario today taking in one last training session as a team before departing for Hong Kong on March 9th.  The boys have been selected by the High Performance Committee to represent Canada at this years Tiger Bowls and China Open, running from March 12th – 17th.  It was great to watch them taking part in some purposeful practice today, focusing most of their time on drills they had picked up from coach Lachlan Tighe at January’s selection camp in Arizona.  The extent to which these guys enjoy the game was written all over their faces and was noticed not only by the regular crowd playing on the other green,  but also by a group of high school soccer players who were passing by the greens on their way to the attached soccer dome.  One boy was overheard saying, “Don’t bother,  it’s an old man sport!”  in reply to a question of what the game was all about.  His tune changed quickly when another boy mentioned the Team Canada  uniforms which immediately peaked the curiousity of all 12 teens.  Taking up a front row seat next to the green on which Wilson and his team were training, the teens began to volley question after question about the ins and outs of bowls.  With each response the original notion of ‘Old man sport’ was gradually dispelled  and when Wilson explained that the team was on its way to Hong Kong to compete,  the boys attitude suddenly changed from curious, to amazed and the boys came back and watched another half hour of drills after their soccer practice (imagine that,  teens getting enjoyment from watching bowls practice).  With any luck MLS will be welcoming some new junior members before too long.

With an  average age of 24.5  this 4’s team isn’t too far removed from high school itself, and good on BCB for helping to develope these young athletes by giving the the opportunity to compete at a higher level.  In the past this event has been self funded, but for the first time BCB has deemed it a developement opportunity and thus cut a cheque to each player to help pay for some of the costs.

The Boys wish to thank Bowls Canada for the opportunity,  Mario Battista of Dales Canada for a great day at MLS  and to Dan Milligan of MVP Sports who has provided Team Canada’s international roster with the new Taylor Ace Canadianas which the guys are holding in the picture above.

All information on Tiger Bowls and the China Open 2011 can be found under the “Events” section in the Categories pull-down menu.

2 Comments to “Tiger Bowls Team”

  1. Mr. Barry Drew
    I’ve read your article about the Juniors and the “Tiger Bowls Team”. With your permission I’d like to republish the article as it is in the OLBA newsletter E-Banter. May I do so? Thank you.

    Wayne Daley
    E-Banter editor.

    • Hi Wayne,

      By all means, please republish the article in the OLBA newsletter. All that we ask is for you to add to the article that is was originally posted at http://www.gregorbowls.com and that anyone interested can navigate to our page via the link to see results for this, and the other two Tier 1 Competitions which team Canada will be participating in. If you could add gregorbowls.com to your links as well that would be greatly appreciated!


      Drew Mattie
      GregorBowls Admin.

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