Why Bowl?  What is it that you want out of each and every game?  The first image that comes to my mind is our team atop the podium, our team hoisting the trophy above our heads and our team with a gold medal clasped between our teeth.  Winning is what we all strive for whether we’re competing at an international level or playing in a weekday jitney.  The following is a list provided by Lachlan Tighe,  which illustrates everything it takes to be a winner.  How to plan like a winner, think like a winner, act like a winner, and train to be a winner.        

Plan to Win
•Have a game plan strategy
•Using your skills to their optimum
•Use your team / player skills to their optimum
•Expect to win, WHY?
•With knowledge we worked hard at the skills
•Weaknesses have been identified and minimised
•Knowledge of team members skill
•Alert to what doesn’t work out here today
•Fundamental of resorting to basics- pre delivery, rhythm
•Flexible in application of game plan/ strategy
Think to Win-  positive choices you have
•Plan and prepare for the game
•Know yourself – emotionally, tactically, mentally, physically
•Control the game by constant, alert observation of game pattern
•Know and rely on your skill
•Record and apply your contribution during the game
•Revel in the contest, compete till the very end
•Apply your game plan strategy
•Be adventurous but wary of high capacity risk
Act to Win-  Game Plan Strategy
•Rehearse your game plan strategy pre game
•Feel and see your ‘perfect’ technique in your mind
•Observe the opposition behaviour and respond accordingly
•Observe todays playing conditions and play them accordingly
•Know and stay with your winning length
•Know and stay with your winning  hand
•Let the number of effective bowls be your scoreboard
•Game plan- be flexible don’t wait until it’s too late!
•Set mini goals when you are struggling, or even losing with no chance of winning
Review for Future Wins- Training Skills
•Review the outcome to objective of the recent game
•Audit a selection of your technical skills at each training session
•Reinforce skill by striving to reach a new ‘pb’ (personal best)
•Reinforce the preferred game strategy at the training session
•Train to learn/ apply other game plan strategies so as to know how to modify or change your strategy in a game
•Look at all heads and apply backhand & forehand strategies
•Use part of a training session to have a different approach to your normal method of tactical play
•Raise your intensity level at training
•Knowing what you want helps drive you to train
•Look at this word …FUNdamental… and apply both elements
WINNERS  are challenged. Winners are never satisfied.  Winners know that inspiration never replaces perspiration, and that attitude is all about practising habits.  Winners know that in order to soar with eagles, don’t mix with turkeys. 
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