The Boys Are Back

Team Canada at 2011 Tiger Bowls

The 2011 Tiger Bowls tour has come to a close and the Boys are back in town.  Above Greg, Jake, Darryl and Dylan pose at the HKFC indoor surface before commencing play in the Cup Section qualifier day 2 of Tiger Bowls.  After a slow start in their first game day 1,  the boys came into their own and won their next 4 games acquiring a total 25 of a possible 40 skins for the round.  That performance earned them 19th position and a spot in the Cup Qulaifier heading into the 2nd day.  After 3 games on day 2  Team Canada was seriously in the hunt for a birth in the semi-finals having scored 18 of a possible 24 skins off the likes of Australia-B and the top seed in the group VLBC-B.  Unfortunately the team fell short in the last 2 games of the qualifier missing out on the semi finals.  Congratulations to the events organizer Jacky Wong who won this years Tiger Bowls with his China-A team.

The China Tour portion of this years Tiger Bowls tour took place once again at Bijashan Park in prosperous Shenzhen China.  Despite less than optimal green speeds of 7 and 9 seconds from the A green to B green,  team Canada came out of the gates guns blazing with a dominating 21-4 performance over another Aussie squad.  The team went 2 and 1 on the day and on Day 2 came up against an impressive American squad and despite being down 5 with 2 to play Canada would not quit scoring 1 in the 11th and played their best end of the game in the 12th and final end.  Up 4 shots with 4 bowls to come,  Greg drew his first to make it 5.  The American skip missed narrow on a drive attempt and the green held his bowl up and past a seemingly easy target on his last bowl dropping a 5 to the Canadians for the win by 1 point.  In the 7th and last game of the round robin,  the boys came up against #2 in the world Safuan Said and with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses knew they needed a win for a chance at top 2 in the group and a birth in the quarter finals.  This game was by far the best the team played all week bowling over 50% as a team and a notable 63% by lead Darryl Fitzgerald.   Despite an excellent effort the team could only muster a tie against the very strong Malaysians who ended up losing to the Champion South African team in the semi-finals.  Well done to South Africa and runners up Netherlands who put on a very entertaining Final!

4 Comments to “The Boys Are Back”

  1. I couldn’t be prouder. What a fantastic showing. Don’t forget everyone, these young men age from 19 to 30, and ALL are Ontario elite players. Congratulations.

    • Thanks for your support Mary! Though disappointed with our results, the team had a great time over there, made some great new friends and learned some valuable lessons we will carry forth to future international competitions.

  2. Great effort Greg, Dyl, Jake and Darryl.
    Although you came up just short you did tie one of the world’s best in Safuan Said. Keep it going dudes! Also, I would love to hear your game plans whether you post them here or elsewhere (Bowls in canada, email etc.)
    (hope to get my stuff together asap Greg so I can author these awesome stories!, Headshot comin soon too :P)

    • Thank you Mr. Scott! The game against Saf was the best game of the week on both sides. As a team we were 50% effective deliveries and Darryl in particular was unreal with a 63% performance! Good thing too cuz Saf’s lead was unconcious for the first 8 ends! Looking forward to having you on the team bud!

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