Feathers Ruffled @ Bowls In Canada

Feathers have been ruffled! At the High Performance Training/ Selection Camp in Arizona this past January,  new Team Canada coach Lachlan Tighe borrowed the title of Keith F. Bell’s book “If You Want to Soar With the Eagles,  Don’t Fly With the Turkey’s” when asked about playing in Jitney and Club level tournaments.  This quote made it’s way to a facebook group called “Bowls in Canada” and has many of it’s members up in arms at the coach’s statement.  Many feel betrayed and insulted being called a “turkey” and enraged that the new Aussie coach might be implying that the High Performance Athletes can do nothing but lose if they associate with anyone but their own.  At the risk of sounding like a kiss-ass I feel I should try to clear things up a bit… The direct quote from coach at camp was “If you want to soar with the eagles (the cream of the crop on the world stage) don’t fly with the turkey’s (everyone else).” This is the title of a Keith F. Bell novel illustrating 76 rules for outperforming the competition. It’s my opinion that coach intended no insult to those who are not of an elite caliber, but merely tried to stress the importance of purposeful practice for High Performance athletes over playing games. That was the major focus of this years camp which saw athletes perform 4 straight days of drills, and maybe 12 ends of “game type scenarios.” Of course it is our duty as ambassadors of the National Team to encourage all bowlers to become the best they can be, but in order to *WIN* Team Canada must perform at an optimal level. In order to stay at that optimal level, a decision has to be made to choose training over playing games. There’s no question I love playing games just as much as the next guy, but this year with Adelaide in my sights, I will be spending a lot less time with the “turkeys” and a lot more time training to be  the best I can and bring home Gold in December.

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