Jack Length

Below is a copy of an e-mail received from BCB concerning Jack Length Rule 23.5.1. We think this is excellent news for Bowls in Canada. It keeps us in line with international play and allows for a greater variance in potential playing surface. We’d love hear your comments on this;



Subject: Jack Length

Rule 23.5.1 of the new Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 2nd Edition, 2011 gives National Authorities the discretion to change the minimum jack length from 23 m to 21 m.

After careful consideration, Bowls Canada Boulingrin, the National Authority for Canada, has decided to change the minimum jack length from 23 m to 21 m for all play in Canada.  This decision leads to a number of other changes to distances set out in the Laws, as further detailed in rules 23.5.1 to 23.5.3, and will necessitate changes to the positioning of “hog line markers” at clubs across the country.

For safety reasons in particular, an exemption will apply for the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club and the Qualicum Indoor venue, which may continue to use a minimum jack length of 23 m.

Bowls Canada Boulingrin

March 2011″

2 Comments to “Jack Length”

  1. Since us Turkeys fund 85% of probably 95% of Club tournaments, as well as a guess of 80-90% of membership dues to OLBA,it really would not take much I believe to convince many clubs they need not the OLBA at all.

    In a recreational/sport where 80-90% of those paying the freight have no need for the OLBA, Provincials etc, to put them down in any manner is pure lunacy, but par for the course, dunderheads have never figured that out, and seemingly never will.

    When the majority in charge are Elite, sequestered and completely unaware of the harm their put downs of non-elite bowlers do(on a daily club tournament basis), and then wonder why tournament entries and memberships have dropped like a lead balloon.

    But it couldn’t possible be because of that , could it?? Open the eyes and see who is driving away potential and long time “turkeys” as we are called.

    • Thanks for your comment Todd. You obviously share our passion. To answer your question as to whether or not the “put-downs” of non-elite bowlers by elite “dunderheads” are the reason for declining numbers… I’m not sure I agree that such put-downs are being made, and if they are I have yet to see it in my 11 years of bowling.

      Again in defence of the Turkey/Eagle comment – The comment was directed at those attending this years Training Camp in Arizona and was intended as a metaphor to illustrate the importance of purposeful practice over playing games, nothing else. There was absolutely no ego involved and no intention of name calling. The comment has rippled its way through the bowls community and those who crave something negative to say about the way the game is run in Canada have gobbled it up. This is where I feel membership decline is experiencing its biggest catalyst. Far too many people in the game are exposed to the negativity of a few and not enough are willing to step forward with ideas on how to make things better. There is no shortage however, of people only willing to point out what everyone else is doing wrong. That negativity is what needs to change. If half of those people who want to spend their time pointing out how wrong things are would stop complaining and start trying to make things better in a positive fashion, we would have a movement on our hands, the snowball efect would take a hold and things would change.

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