Jean Roney

Date of birth: Sept 11

Hometown: Regina, SK

Current club: Regina Lawn Bowling Club

Canadian National Team debut: 1990

International appearances: Three Commonwealth Games, Two World Bowls and a number of Asia Pacific and Atlantic Bowls Competitions

International playing achievements:  Gold Medal in fours Asia Pacific Victoria 1993 and Bronze Medals in fours at Asia Pacific in New Zealand 1995 and Atlantic Bowls 2001

National playing achievements: Gold medals Singles 1989 & 1993, Pairs 2001 & 2003, Fours 1995 & 1997, Senior Triples 2006 & 2010, and Indoor singles 2008.

Type of bowl used: Henselite Tiger II and Classis 11

Favourite tournament and why: The Arizona Tournaments in January because get to bowl in fours, pairs and singles and all events are mixed so get great experience bowling again a number of very good players

How did you start playing bowls: my husband bowled and I was playing golf at the time but once I started with bowls I really enjoyed the game and then switched my interest.

When did you start playing bowls: 1982

Who is your greatest influence in bowls: My husband and Jean Black

Best player you have competed against and why: Karen Murphy, she is always very consistent.

Aspirations beyond bowls: To travel and experience many cultures

Who is the greatest influence in your life: My parents and my husband


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