Shannon Battles

Date of birth: April 17, 1985 

Hometown: Victoria, BC 

Current club: Burnside LBC

Canadian National Team debut:  Atlantic Championships, October 2011

International appearances: starting this year! 😉

National playing achievements: Bronze at the 2008 Canadian Indoor Singles

Type of bowl used: Drakes Pride Professional

Favourite tournament and why: I love all competitive level tournaments (ie provincial, national, etc), though locally there is an Australian Pairs tournament and I love that format.

How did you start playing bowls: My sister started at the end of the summer before and really enjoyed it. The following summer I tried it and was hooked as well.

When did you start playing bowls: When I was 12

Who is your greatest influence in bowls: I don’t know that I could name only one. First would be Craig Wilson, the coach that taught me how to bowl. His dedication to juniors is phenomenal. Others would be bowlers whose knowledge and experience I value, and international bowlers whose skill and gameplay I admire.

Best player you have competed against and why: I can’t name one in particular, but I admire opponents who are smart and tactical and have the skill to carry out their strategy.

Aspirations beyond bowls: I am an operation room nurse, and I hope to do some volunteering in third world countries related to this.

Who is the greatest influence in your life: My dad passed away in 2008 at a relatively young age. I try to live in a way that he would respect, and also to live for the present because the length of your life is not guaranteed. He learned to bowl after a couple years of watching my sister and I. He got to see my sister bowl nationally and internationally, and I know he would have enjoyed seeing me get to this level at well.


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