Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

 Date of birth:  March 2, 1982 

Hometown:  Burlington, Ontario 

 Current club:  Burlington LBC

Canadian National Team debut:  2007

International appearances: 5

International playing achievements:  2007 and 2008 NAC Champs

Type of bowl used:  Henselite Tiger 5 Heavy

Favourite club tournament and why: WOBA.  I love playing at WOBA because the atmosphere is intensely competitive and a great party at the same time!

How did you start playing bowls:  Dad got me into it.  He used to tease Dave Burrows for playing an “old man sport” and Dave knew dad enjoyed curling so knew he’d love Bowls.  My dad tried it and brought my brother and I out the next night and I fell in love with the game instantly.

When did you start playing bowls:  July, 2000

Who is your greatest influence in bowls: Impossible to say, there are countless people I look up to in this game and I could never choose one above the other.  From my dad who got me into the game and pushed me to be the best I can be, to all the Juniors and U25’s I’ve played with and against along the way who are the exciting future of this game, to all the seniors at clubs across the country who welcome the youngsters to the game with enthusiasm and open arms to all the past and current National team athletes…  I could never have made it to where I’m at without all of them.

Best player you have competed against and why: 

Ryan Bester… Why?  Because his training habits as a junior were second to none.  His ambition to become the best was unrelenting and resulted in a World Bowls Pairs title.

Aspirations beyond bowls: To finally graduate college with my Architectural Technology Diploma and start designing homes.

Who is the greatest influence in your life: My family and friends… TM!


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