Dylan Jacobs

Dylan Jacobs

Date of birth:  December 29, 1991

Hometown: London, Ontario  

Current club:  Fairmont LBC

Canadian National Team debut:  Hong Kong March 2010, Tiger Bowls/China Open

International appearances: 4

Type of bowl used:  Thomas Taylor, Spectrum

Favourite club tournament and why: I love the competition of the U25 tournament. A great field with a great reward.


How did you start playing bowls:  Grandparents got me into it

When did you start playing bowls:  2006

Who is your greatest influence in bowls: Has to be Ryan bester, to see where he has came from and what he is now really is amazing and to have the pleasure of playing with him and getting know him was a great experience.

Best player you have competed against and why:  Ryan Bester, He has all the tools to win games and make all shots. He has one of the best drives in the world which makes him extremely hard to play on slow, short Canadian greens.

Aspirations beyond bowls: Heading to school to be a welder.

Who is the greatest influence in your life:
Would have to say my mother and my grandmother.


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