Ryan Bester

Date of birth: December 7, 1984 

Hometown: Hanover Ontario 

Current club: Hanover, Cabramatta

Canadian National Team debut: 2002 Commonwealth Games

International appearances: 9

International playing achievements: 2004 World Pairs Champion, 2005 Asia Pacific Singles Champion, 2005 Asia Pacific Overall Team Champion, 2006 Commonwealth Games Singles bronze Medal. 2007 Asia Pacific Singles Silver Pairs Bronze Medal, 2008 World Bowls Singles Bronze, MAP Pairs and Singles Champion.

National playing achievements: Two Canadian Pairs Gold Medals, One Canadian Fours Gold Medal, Two Fours Silver Medals

Type of bowl used: Taylor Bowls

Favourite tournament and why: Helenvale 5 a side, Best players in the world play in it

How did you start playing bowls: Through Family

When did you start playing bowls: 1995

Who is your greatest influence in bowls: Robert Bester

Best player you have competed against and why: Alex Marshall because he is the best player in the world

Aspirations beyond bowls: Family and travel

Who is the greatest influence in your life: Robert Bester


One Comment to “Ryan Bester”

  1. So glad you are still having fun bowling. Keep it up. The other team members will love bowling with you.

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