China Open


Day 1 – Qualifying Round – Teams will play a round robin format and the top 2 teams from each group will move on to the elimination stage.

Tuesday March 15

Round 1.   8:30am – Canada vs. Australia Win 21 – 4

Round 2. 10:20am – Canada vs. Tsim Sha Tsui Win 10-8

Round 3.   3:20pm – Canada vs. Macau Loss 5-17

Having completed 3 of their 7 round robin games,  with 2 wins, 1  loss, and a +/- of  +7  Canada is currently in 3rd spot heading into tomorrow

Day 2 – Qualifying Round cont’d

Wednesday March 16

Round 4.   8:30am – Canada vs. USA – Stars Win 10-9

Round 5. 10:20am – Canada vs. International Win 15-4

Round 6.   1:45pm – Canada vs. Hong Kong Loss 9-18

Round 7.  3:35pm – Canada vs. Malaysia – A Tie 10-10

Having completed their 7 round robin games,  with 4 wins, 2  losses 1 tie, and a +/- of  +15  Canada is currently in 3rd spot heading into tomorrow morning with a bye.  This means Canada has fallen just short of qualifying for the knock-out round. 

Day 3 – Qualifying Round 8

Thursday March 17

Round 8.   8:30am – Bye

Day 3 – Knock-Out Round – Qualifiers will play single elimination games until a Champion is determined.

9:50am –  Quarter Finals

Zhongshan def. Hong Kong

Netherlands def. Causeway Bay

South Africa def. China-C

Malaysia-A def. China-A

1:15pm – Semi Finals

Netherlands def. Zhongshan

South Africa def. Malaysia-A

3:05pm – Finals

South Africa def. Netherlands for the China Open Gold!

* Canada finished the China Open in 10th.


7 Comments to “China Open”

  1. Good luck tomorrow and the following days! Hopefully your hard training and the experience you gained from Tiger Bowls will benefit you here and get you the gold!!!!!

  2. Sorry my bad, I meant that I hope the experience you gained from the Hong Kong component of the tour allows you to succeed in the China Tour.

  3. Good luck, guys ! The China Open is yours to win ….


  4. Well done guys. I predicted you’d do well. You beat many great teams again. You only lost 2 games and are in 3rd place, how can you not make the knock out round? Can someone explain?

    • Hey Mario! Thanks for keeping track of us over there! The 32 teams in China were split into 4 groups of 8. Our 4-2-1 record was only good enough for 3rd in Group A. Malaysia-A finished 2nd in the group at 5-1-1 and Hong Kong finished atthe top of the group with a 6-1 record. Only the top 2 from each group make the knock-out round.

  5. 4-2-1 is a respectable finish. Looks like the shots were against you. Three questions (one of which you may not be able to answer):
    1.) Who were the two teams that did qualify?
    2.) During the 2 events, did you cross paths (and swords?) with Danny Ho (Hong Kong)?
    3.) Why did the US send 2 teams and we only sent 1? (that’s the BCB, but you may have heard something)
    Good effort, guys!

    • Thanks John, the 2 losses were unfortunately very attainable games we just struggled as a team in those 2 games and missed out on the opportunities. The tie came to a very strong Malaysian team skipped by Safuan Said who is currently ranked #2 in the world!
      1) Hong Kong finished group A in 1st with a record of 6-1
      Malaysia-A finished group A in 2nd with a record of 5-1-1
      2) Didn’t get the chance to play Danny… and I don’t see his name in the program. Do you know he was there for sure?
      3) Each year the organiser of Tiger Bowls (Jacky Wong) sends out an invitation to each countries Bowls Association for the Tiger Bowls tour. That invitation entitles the country to send 1 team as a representative to take part in the 2 events for $800US. If any other teams wish to participate, they can contact Jacky via and request an invite. That team if accepted pays $2000US to participate.

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