Tiger Bowls


Day 1 – Ranking Stage – The top 36 teams after day 1 will qualify for the Cup Section and everyone else qualifies for the Plate Section.

Saturday March 12

Round 1.    9:00 am – Canada vs. CCC-C Loss 4-14 w/ 1 skin

Round 2. 10:30 am – Canada vs. USRC-B Win 9-6 w/ 6skins

Round 3.    1:00 pm – Canada vs. HKPBC-F Win 10-7 w/ 5 skins

Round 4.    2:30pm – Canada vs. KBGC-C Win 9-4 w/7 skins

Round 5.    4:00pm – Canada vs. China-B Win 9-5 w/ 6skins

Scoring 25 skins out of a possible 40 skins and with a +/- of +5 Canada has finished day 1 in 19th and qualified for the Cup Section for tomorrows qualifying stage.  

Day 2 – Qualifying Stage – The top 4 teams from each section will qualify for tonights knock-out stage.

Sunday March 13

Round 1.   8:00am – Canada vs. HKPBC-B Loss 3-9 w/ 3 skins

Round 2.   9:30am – Canada vs. Australia-B Win 10-3 w/7 skins

Round 3. 11:00am – Canada vs. VLBC-B Win 17-1 w/8 skins

Round 4.   1:30pm – Canada vs. HKPBC-C Loss 6-7 w/ 2 skins

Round 5.  3:00pm – Canada vs. USRC-E Loss 6-12 w/ 2 skins

Scoring 22 skins out of a possible 40 skins and with a +/- of +10 Team Canada finished the Qualifying stage in 15th position short of the top 4.  

Day 2 – Knock-out Stage – Teams will play single knock-out format, semi-finals and finals to determine a Champion for both Cup and Plate Sections.

 China-A, CCC-C, HKPBC-C and HKFC-C were the top 4 teams in the cup section and Congratulations to Jacky Wong’s China-A team which went on to win!


7 Comments to “Tiger Bowls”

  1. Nice effort. You had some great wins and beat some good opponents. You did not give up too many points, which means you were in contention in most games. A liitle bit more good fortune might have made a difference. Looks to me that you are in good shape for the China Open. I predict you will do well there. Good luck. Mario & Percylla and your friends at MLS.

  2. Huge addict on this website, a large number of your writes have seriously helped me out. Looking forward to improvements!

    • Glad to hear it Cole! Sorry for the lack of content updates in the last week. I was competing in Hong Kong and Shenzhen China and the internet capabilities over there were frusterating at best. Getting our results posted were enough to drive a guy crazy. We’ll make up for it this week. Enjoy!

  3. Great read, this is exciting stuff! Mafalda Castaldo

  4. Great site, Greg! Too bad about the results. I’m still wondering how 4-1 gets you only 19th! I’ve got my work cut out trying to keep up with you on the net (and on the greens). I’ll promote your site like crazy! Cheers!

    • Thanks for your support John! It’s always great to hear from people who are as passionate about the game as we are. Our 4-1 record on day 1 was only good enough for 19th on the day because of the skins format. Winning a game is only worth 2 of the 8 skins, each game was broken into 3 sections: 1st 3 ends, Middle 3 ends, and the last 2 ends… these sets can be viewed as mini-games with each game being worth 2 skins for a win, and 1 for a tie. With 76 teams competing and 40 skins being a max over 5 games… 25 skins = Halfway up the top pack.

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