Steven Santana

Steven Santana

DOB: May 19, 1981

Home Club: Vancouver South LBC and Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowls Club

Canadian National Team Debut: First Year On the team 2011

International Appearances: 5

National Playing Achievements: 3 time U25 Singles Champion, 2002 Canadian Men’s Pairs Bronze Medalist, 2000 Canadian Men’s Fours Gold Medalist, 2001 Canadian Indoor Singles Gold Medallist, 2001 Canadian Qualifier for Potters, 2001 Men’s Pairs Silver.

Type Of Bowls Used: Henselite Tiger Pros  and Tigers

Favorite Tournament:  Want to play in the Australian and New Zealand Opens. Very Competative tournaments and great to play against top caliber players!

Greatest Influence in bowls: Dad and Craig Wilson

How Did I start: Grandparents played and wanted to try it out. Then I met Derek, Adam, Craig Wilson and the Burnside crew and was hooked after playing with them

When did I start: Back in ’94 !

Best Player I have Competed Against: Darren Burnett. Excellent Bowler and Very Steady and all round great guy.

Aspirations Beyond Bowls: Back Country Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, and Climbing the Highest Peak in BC to start!

Greatest Influence in life: Nacho Libre, My Dad, sisters, brother and Mom.


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